Day 1 of 2020 

So far so good

Let’s rewind to December 30th first, I was contacted by a long lost friend whom I haven’t seen in over 14 years. we made plans for her and her daughter to visit us at home the next day so my New Years eve was off to a great start. My husband also returned home from work and my children were excited to have a play date and see in the new year.  It was wonderful to reconnect and remember all the amazing times we had over some nice cold beers we soon realised that it was like no time was missed at all and it was like the old days.

Needless to say I did start the year off with a sleep in, Thank you husband for the 2 Panamax, water, coffee and turning on the aircon for me. He kept the little boys quiet for as long as he could and I was surprised to see when I finally got up (still a little wobbly) that it was 10:30. My oldest made his usual jokes like “MUM! I haven’t seen you all year!” Ha Ha very funny, now shhhhhh while I reheat my now cold, 2 hour old coffee.

As you can probably tell by now this isn’t a business post, it’s more of a ‘Hey, How are you?’

So, How are you? how was your 2019 wrap up?

Im not much of a resolution kind of person, I feel that new beginnings can start at any time and shouldn’t be forced because of a date.

I DO have some things that I want to change this year but they are not a START on this date or it wont work deal. It’s a I wont wait and hope that this new year will treat us with kindness I PLAN TO MAKE IT GREAT

I wont be anyone’s ‘Yes (wo)man’  this year, I cant please everyone (that’s impossible anyway)

I will be ME

I will work my arse off to get to where I want to be.

I don’t have to answer to anyone.

Instead of resolutions I have set goals!

What are your goals ( or resolutions if that’s how your roll) for 2020?

But WHY Blogs for days?

Toowoomba Mumpreneurs Members and I are going to try and make a blog post a day for 366 days, so keep your eyes peeled for some very incredible guest blogs form some very incredible women in business. I am pretty excited about this and all that is coming in 2020

oh hey?, do you like my divinely beautiful photo from Oh Tilly Style Stock Photography (She’s amazing)