What steps you need to take to ensure you receive the most amazing, connected, content rich images from your shoot.

Branding shoots are essential for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a brand (whether that be your personal brand or your business brand).
But if you’ve never had one before, the entire process can be daunting – to say the least!
With over 15 years experience as a professional photographer and a specialist in highly engaging feminine brand photography, Tilly Mykat has these tips for you.

1. Select your photographer wisely.

Of course this sounds entirely self serving, after all I AM a photographer. But it’s true, choosing the wrong photographer can be a costly mistake, choosing the right photographer can bring abundance into your business.
Select your photographer based on the connection you feel when viewing their branding photography portfolio.
You can’t look at a wedding photographer’s images and gauge how well they can capture your brand personality. You need to see a portfolio of engaging, emotive and connected brand images. A specialist photographer will feature ONLY women’s branding photography in their business.

What to look for: Images that make you stop and think ‘wow’ or feel the joy in the brand owners face, or see magic in the light, or connect with the story.

What to avoid:
Avoid photographers that are a master of all trades, the ones that seem to specialise in weddings, portraits, headshots, food photography, car photography, and boudoir photography.

Find someone who specialises in branding photography for women. Someone who eats, lives and breathes women’s branding. This person knows what you need to create the brand images that will make your joy shine through the images and make your audience want to connect with you. A dedicated women’s branding photographer also knows what it takes to create the images that will inspire emotion in your audience and capture your real joy and passion.

Emma Mogg (Toowoomba Mumpreneur Group Founder) personal branding session with Oh Tilly Branding Photography

2. Plan ahead.

Curate your wardrobe ahead of time, if you need help enlist the services of a stylist or a stylish friend to select outfits.
Keep your wardrobe on brand, that doesn’t mean you must dress in your brand colours. It means to select your wardrobe based on your brand’s personality. Is your audience corporate? Don’t wear jeans and a tshirt. Do you work with children or in a casual setting, jeans and a fun top is great. And wear something that makes you feel good!

Jessica Ritchie – Personal and Business Branding Expert. Creating unique images for her brand with Oh Tilly Branding Photography

Book in your hair and makeup, or if you’re a whizz at doing your own hair then do it yourself. But make sure your hair is clean and brushed, dirty hair really shows in photos.
Makeup isn’t a necessity, and I understand that not everyone wears makeup, but even very simple makeup can make a huge difference in your images.
Eye-liner and mascara can go a long way!

3. Communicate with your photographer.

What images are essential? Do you need a headshot with a certain coloured background? Needing images with negative space for text? Create a shot list and send it to your photographer ahead of time. This ensures they know what they need to do to capture everything you need.

HOT TIP: now is the time to think of social media content. Headshots are great, but what other images can you use to engage your audience. Tilly has a standard marketing/social media shot list that includes current market trends and images that will wow your audience and stop them in their scroll!

Emma Bowdler – The Women’s Accountant fun, on-brand session with Oh Tilly Branding Photography

4. Give yourself time to prepare and to wind down after your session.

A one hour photo shoot takes more than one hour. If you’re getting hair and makeup, allow up to two hours for that (more if you’re having them done in different places). Allow time to travel to your location, bring in your wardrobe selection etc.
Also allow time to unwind after your shoot, if you’ve had fresh hair and makeup done now is an excellent time to grab your partner and make it a date night.
Feeling rushed and unprepared will show in your images, relax and allow yourself the time to give your session your full attention.

5. Have fun.

Tilly is renowned for her relaxed sessions that make her subjects’ tension melt away. Your photographer should naturally create a relaxing mood where you can just be yourself. This joy and authenticity shines through in the final product and your audience absolutely resonate with the joy they see when they see your happy face. This makes them want to work with YOU.

Tilly MyKat (centre) after a fun session with international graphic designer Shayna Fernando and international facilitator Christel Crawford.

The right branding photos can bring you more business through emotional connection, brand awareness and cementing confidence in your audience’s mind that your brand invests in itself.
The wrong branding photos can fall flat and easily be scrolled past.

Do you have any questions about your branding photos? I am always happy to guide people through the process, regardless of whether they book my services or not. I want to ensure you get the images your brand deserves!

And armed with these tips, don’t be afraid to book that branding session you’ve been avoiding.

Xoxo Tilly