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Hey there you amazing Mumpreneur!

People, you, me, OUR CLIENTS: can scroll endlessly (and quite often mindlessly) through a million images a day. Every single image under the sun is available at our fingertips. We are living in the most visually driven era of all time.

Phone cameras are constantly getting better and better, professional quality images are within the reach of even those who live on the poverty line. You can buy high quality photography gear from China for less than the cost of a decent meal. And what does that all mean for you as a business owner?

It means if you want to stay relevant if you want to stand out, if you want to stop people in their scroll – you have to use high quality, fresh imagery! Crap photos just don’t cut it anymore.

I bet you’re thinking ‘Yeah yeah Tilly, it’s easy for you to say that but I can’t take a photo to save myself’ Now that nagging voice in your head is We’ve all been there with you. There are things in my business I can’t do and frustrate the life out of me – so I outsource them.

Find an expert and get them to do it for you.

When all areas of your business are attended to professionally it gives your business it’s best chance to Succeed.

Saying ‘Yeah it sounds easy to just hire someone, but I can’t afford a professional photographer right now’.

I get that too, you may be stuck between the fear of your business not growing and the difficulty of affording to invest in your business right now. Luckily there are always quality options at every end of the pricing scale – I mean there’s even free options.

At you can get a pack of fifteen professional styled stock photos for FREE. This can get you started on social media, your website even on your brochures and business cards.

Changing up your business visuals is actually really easy and you can begin in just a few easy steps.

1 .  V I S U A L   D I R E C T I O N

Decide on a visual direction. Pinterest is an amazing tool for this, create a mood board and fill it with pretty things and images that you want your business aesthetic to look like.

2 .  C R E A T E  A  U N I Q U E  F O L D E R

Open a folder on your computer/desktop and title it Business Photos Royalty Free.

3 .  C H O O S E   C O R R E C T L Y

This is a big one, do not just download images from Google or Pinterest, those images are not yours to use legally. You need to only use images that are Royalty Free (this means the copyright holder has waived their rights to receive payment from you for their use).

Free and Royalty Free do not mean the same thing, and images on the internet are not automatically royalty free. You need to find a legal source of images to use or your business could land in a lot of hot water, legally speaking.

Some great sources of royalty free images are:

  • Free: Unsplash {}
  • Oh Tilly Freebies

Pay attention to licensing on all of the above sites, they outline very clearly what you can use the images for and what you can’t. Marketing your business is generally ok – selling the images to others is almost always a No No.

Last but not least, if you run a product based business and need high quality images of your products AS WELL (please don’t only use product photos on your social media, people hate being constantly ‘sold to’ – always break them up with posts that inspire, inform or unite) you can look at hiring a product photographer – O

It’s only up from here!